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What is Yoga?

The history of Yoga takes us back to our history. But after somewhat losing the identity, today, people are inclining towards yogic art. Yoga has its roots deeply sowed in northern India. Its history traces to 5000 years, and yoga is mentioned in Rigveda. It is derived from the Sanskrit word YUJ which means to join two things. It signifies unity, and the Yog asanas work on aligning your mind, body, and soul.

Especially after the pandemic, people have realized that the role of yoga is not only helpful in physical healing but it also paves the way for spiritual and mental healing. So they have started visiting Yoga and meditation centers.

Nowadays, people have become more prone to diseases like blood pressure, heart issues, breathing problems, and other chronic diseases that were not so prevalent earlier. Many reasons are accountable for this: rising pollution, carelessness about our health, poor lifestyle and much more. Amidst all this hustle-bustle of life; Yoga has emerged as a popular medium to avoid such diseases without taking the help of medication, which eventually contaminates our body with a variety of chemicals.
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If you are still contemplating why you should do yoga and visit a yoga and meditation center, then the following reasons will help in your decision making:

Live out your life.


Ashtanga yoga

It is a modern form of classic Indian yoga. This form of yoga gained popularity in the 20th century. This form of yoga works on synchronizing breathing with movements.

Treatment Duration – 1 hour

Hatha yoga

This is a slower form of yoga and focuses on breathing, controlled movement, and stretching. This form of yoga has been found useful in overcoming stress, anxiety and enhancing muscle core.

Treatment Duration – 1 hour

Kundalini yoga

It is also called the yoga of awareness. It includes chanting, breathing exercises, singing, and repetitive poses. It focuses on activating the Kundalini energy, or shakti.

Treatment Duration – 1 hour


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