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With a Wellness Legacy of more than 10 decades Bliss Healing

Centre was formally found in 1990. Based on ancient and proven treatises, Bliss Healing Group has been promoting and Establishing Healing Treatment Centres in India and Overseas for last years.

Why Bliss healing?

Our trained massage therapists stimulates your reflex areas releasing the blockages and knots in your body that causes pain and illness. Our therapy will help you eliminate toxins from your system and leave you with boosted energy levels and metabolism. So look no further.
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Ayurvedic Massage
Panchakarma Therapy
Mental Healing
Naturopathy Treatment
Our Mission is to align you consistently with your most noteworthy potential and make you see your inborn qualities and fears.
Our vision is to tailor our treatment approach dependent on your necessities, focusing on your particular issues and working towards your individual objectives.

Our Core Values is to Serve the Humanity through various healing and meditation techniques

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