Bliss Healing Center is offering healing courses which will helps you to learn how to cleanse your body and soul through holistic healing.

Energy healing courses will teach you about the pseudo-scientific alternative medicine which is also known as “energy healing”. Energy healing is based on the belief that healers can channel and heal patient’s energy.

Course offers an experience of abundance, gratification and fulfillment through unique meditation processes.  We will help you learn “how to bring healing energies into the healing space “ the healing process also goes beyond the individual person.

Pranic Healing Treatment in Australia

Reiki Level 1

Where one learns to heal themselves, family and friend, Mostly covers the basics to use reiki healing...
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Pranic Healing Courses Near Me

Reiki Level 2

This is the intermediate level of reiki training, Level II, at the completion of this course you will be more progressive in reiki healing to yourself, your family, friends and...
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Reiki Level 3A

This course will allows you to develop your reiki practice on a much deeper level...
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Reiki Level 3B

This reiki level 3B will give you the ability to teach and reconcile others to...
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Pranic Healing

Let you learn pranic healing, which is “no-touch” healing system, prana...
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Access Bar Consciousness

Access Bars Healing will help you to learn how to remove the electromagnetic...
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Lama Fera Master

Lama Fera is an ancient healing technique, originated in the Himalayas centuries...
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Reiki Grand Master

Reiki grandmaster level is for people who have already completed the Reiki Master degree course (3B)...
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